Littleworld TV- Learning Videos for Kids!

Littleworld TV is an online educational website dedicated to entertain and educate toddlers, Pre and kindergarten kids. πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨

Welcome to Littleworld where we create all kinds of educational videos for kids and toddlers using toy based learning. Come along as Littleworld plays with characters from Paw Patrol and Baby Shark, while learning counting numbers, basic words, and storytelling skills. Our video formats span from vlogs, skits, animations, and experiments. Littleworld TV is a safe, and kid-friendly channel that parents can trust to provide educational content for their little ones.

Nursery Rhymes for Babies offers the best and most popular kids songs for your child. πŸ¦„

There are hundreds of kids' favorite songs and stories, including nursery rhymes, phonics songs, number songs, bedtime lullabies, children's classics, fairy tales and more! Enjoy educational songs and stories for preschool kids created by experts in children's education.

Kids Learning With LIttleworld TV 🎈

Littleworld TV has reinvented the concept of entertainment for children. It’s a revolutionary and innovative way to transmit a positive message, as well as an original fusion between education and fun.